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      My Spring Festival Holiday Plan - Tina Lee

      2015/1/21 5426瀏覽 來源:藍天外語

      歡迎欣賞藍天外語NCE 2A學員Tina Lee作品《My Spring Festival Holiday Plan》:

        I will have eleven holidays for the spring festival, from Feb 14 to Feb 24. It takes me three hours to go back to my hometown Huizhou from Guangzhou. I plan to spend about three days helping my sister’s clothing shop. Her shop will become busier because the spring festival holiday is coming, I think she may need help. Furthermore I enjoy being a salesperson.

        I will be back home on Feb 17 and spend some days cleaning, the rooms, furniture, sheets, curtains and so on. It will be a very big task. Unfortunately, I will finish it almost all by myself since my parents will be very busy at that time. What’s worse, that all my sisters have married means nobody helps me with it. Even though I hate housework, I feel happy after making everything clean.

        I will stay at home or go out for fun and visit some relatives, but in fact, I don’t like meeting so many relatives. I can’t imagine what life will be like after getting married.

        I plan to spend the last two days on NKS hot spring hotel with some friends and hope we will have a good time there.


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