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      Paternal Love - Elaine Huang

      2015/1/21 4711瀏覽 來源:藍天外語

      歡迎欣賞藍天外語NCE 2A學員Elaine Huang作品《Paternal  Love》:

        I have an excellent father. He deeply loves me, I also love him very much.

        I remember when I was a kid, I often played with my father. He taught me how to ride a bike, spent time playing games, swimming and doing my homework with me. When I graduated and started working, he told me how to get along with people. And he always says ‘Forgive more, complaint less’.

        My father is a chef who works at a restaurant in Foshan. He loves cooking, and he always teaches me how to cook which made me love cooking. He comes back home once a month, but when he was home, I always worked. So I don’t often stay at home with him, and I know he feels lonely.

        Last week, he came home on Tuesday. But my mother had to work and I’ve been working as busy as a bee these days, it meant no one can stay home with him. Finally, I asked a one-day leave and went shopping with him. We bought some clothes, played games at a video arcade and called on his old friends.  The smile on his face that I have never seen indicates that he must have been so happy.

        The man who loves me the most in the world has already married my mother.

        While parents are still young, we’d better spend more time staying with them to repay them.


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